Country life Magasin General on a rainy day
Crafts Paper Mache Beads

Here is a way to do beads on a budget, if you have a lot of newspaper to recycle and a lot of time :) I left the pieces of paper soak in water for the night, then put them into the mixer with enought water.
Look at me! I’m THE Grasshopper
Peace, Love and green!

Look at our Canadian Tire neighbor, LOVE
Piercing scars

Well…I tried a couple of facial piercing and though it woul be usefull to share how it looks after removal and healing.
Fake love
Fashion + crafts – Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting in red!

  I had fun to do this little mini dress for summer. Knitting, crocheting and weaving are mixed together.
Life Country Market

This is our local general store, too bad the old wood piece with the antique name was hidden by a car.
Beauty emergency Green Clay Mask

When I wake up my skin was even worst than yesterday, hormonal breakout as its best. So I jumped on my clay box and took the green one, mixed it with water and sprayed a thick coat of it all over my face and leave it until I cannot move my skin anymore (30 minutes).
Make up Dr Brant Pores No More Beauty review!

After I burn my face and my skin get healed, I had a lot of issues with my skin and asked for an appointement to Sephora.